Spectrum Plastics High Temperature Thermoplastics Spectrum Plastics High Temperature Thermoplastics Spectrum Plastics High Temperature Thermoplastics

By using most modern customized processing equipment, in-depth molding experience and a complete understanding of the unique behavior of each material Spectrum Plastics Corporation can:

  • Mold tight tolerance parts through proper mold design and processing
  • Maintain consistency through uniform processing by using micro processor base controls
  • Put strength on the part where it is needed through the selection of proper processing parameters, product design and mold design
  • On time delivery through computerized scheduling and part tracing system
  • Save cost by molding parts to print and eliminating machining

Result is a superior product made to meet your need with substantial cost saving to you.

Tensile Strength

The measurement of high temperature thermoplastics resistance to break under defined conditions. The defined conditions need to be determined to accurately manufacture the proper product with the correct materials for your specific applications. Spectrum Plastics understands these unique circumstances by which each product must meet or exceed certain conditions to function properly. Cold, heat, and moisture are a few conditions that must be determined. We work with each client to develop and manufacture their specific products to be the proper tensile strength for their specific applications.

Temperature Range

From extreme cold to extreme heat, the total range of temperature needs to be determined before your product can be designed and manufactured. Once the temperature range has been established we can meet or exceed your expectations. Spectrum Plastics designs and manufactures high performance thermoplastics that can handle an extreme temperature range.

Lighter Than Aluminum

Spectrum Plastics can design and manufacture high-tech, high performance plastic parts that are lighter than aluminum and have the tensile strength and heat properties that exceed aluminum. Your plastic parts will out perform the same parts that are made from aluminum.

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